Fission, Guest Post by Christopher Kerr

The story of the dangerous race to obtain the ultimate deterrent, with hidden roots in Nazi Germany.

An investigation into a series of unexplained deaths of former Israeli intelligence agents uncovers startling revelations from the past, which expose a current threat, not only to Israel, but the world.

Investigators discover Hitler’s astonishing plans, in the closing stages of the Second World War, to use an atomic weapon. A post-war strategy is revealed, adopted by the fledgling state of Israel, to obtain ‘the bomb’, employing deadly espionage tactics, even involving former Nazis. Astounding evidence throws new light on one of the most tragic and shocking assassinations of the twentieth century.

Agents desperately seek answers in a race against time, as they strive to prevent a global catastrophe. Power, emotion and politics all compete in an epic story driven by the supreme human instinct – survival.

Based on meticulous research, the book delves into real events from the Second World War to the present day, raising many historical questions in a highly credible and powerful international drama.

‘FISSION’ is a controversial, explosive, fast-paced international espionage novel, packed full of human intrigue and drama, which throws a fresh perspective on history. The story is set against the dangerous race to obtain the nuclear weapon from its origins in Nazi Germany, through to ongoing and current attempts to prevent its misuse or proliferation.

The drama unfolds with a modern-day investigation by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, into the unexplained disappearance and death of a number of former agents. Investigators uncover startling revelations from the past linking to a present-day threat to global peace.

As intelligence agents investigate what has occurred in Israel, a staggering web of international corruption is unearthed, including the astounding conclusions of a fresh examination into one of the most tragic high-profile assassinations of the 20th century. 

The story takes place against a backdrop of real events as nations conspire and compete, employing lethal espionage tactics, in the interests of gaining the upper hand in international power politics.

The book contains high drama, traversing a period from World WAR II, through the Cold war, to the present day. In 1939, Einstein warns US President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the ability of Nazi Germany to develop a nuclear weapon; a warning which echoes through the years as other states seek the ultimate deterrent, or symbol of power.

In 1943, Nazi Germany is threatened on two fronts, as its invasion of Soviet Russia begins to falter, whilst, in the West, the Allies plan an invasion of Western Europe. Hitler knows he needs a strategy to avoid the downfall of the Reich. He turns to the scientists who have been working on research into nuclear fission since the 1930’s. Germany is ahead of all other nations in this field and Hitler belatedly recognises, that obtaining ‘the bomb’ may provide salvation. He authorises a highly secret weapons programme, and, in February 1945, the German armaments minister, Albert Speer, announces over the radio that Germany will imminently unleash a savage attack on New York City, sending the US Navy into a state of panic.  ‘Fission’ explores what happened, and how close the world came to a Nazi driven catastrophe.

The book reveals how Hitler’s weapons programme was covered up on the orders of Churchill. Incredible evidence emerges which could have changed the outcome of World War II, and totally altered the course of history.

This is no historical text-book but a human drama novel in which power, emotion, idealism, and politics all compete. However, the book exposes corruption, assassinations, intrigue, staggering political duplicity, and breath-taking hypocrisy; all revealed in an epic novel spanning the last ninety years including some of the greatest tragedies and scandals of the period.

This is a story of what could have been, what happened, and what was covered up in the murky world of espionage and counter-espionage, in order that countries could play a part in the concept of ‘mutually assured destruction’.  

In the modern-day Israeli murder investigation, highly sensitive matters are discovered, implicating those at the height of power, as the fledgling state of Israel embarks on a fanatical drive to obtain ‘the bomb’, even recruiting former Nazis. Further shocking evidence shows how various nations, including both Britain and the United States, ignored the war-crimes committed by those who might be useful to them, in pursuit of the ultimate deterrent.

Driven by the mantra of ‘Never Again’, born out of the horrors of the Holocaust, those in power in the new state of Israel seek the ultimate weapon. Driven by the supreme human instinct, ‘survival’, Israel takes steps to ensure they can overcome any threat to the state in a hostile region.

As the book reaches its explosive climax, Agents struggle, in a race against time, to piece together shocking evidence, uncovering a plot which could trigger a nuclear catastrophe.

The book is underpinned by meticulous historical research into actual events from the Second World War through to the present day, forming a complex jigsaw in which the pieces fit to create a powerful international drama.

As with my previous novels, I am being asked if this is fact or fiction. I can say that, although a work of fiction, it is set against many actual, forensically researched events, providing a very real foundation to what is revealed.  

The more recent sabre-rattling by Russia’s President Putin, threatening or hinting at the use of nuclear weapons, brings some recent relevance to the novel, whilst the aspiration of the Israeli Prime Minister to increase the powers of his office add more poignancy. Both these aspects bring resonance to a book which examines the abuses exercised by those at the pinnacle of power.   

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Meet Christopher Kerr

Christopher is a former entrepreneur who is now concentrating on his writing which has become a passion, fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

His genre is human drama fiction set against real-life historical and political events.

Christopher carries out extensive research into the background of his novels to both add authenticity, and explore areas where he can create additional historical perspective. He likes to delve into the motivation behind actions taken by those featured in his books and develop deep characterisation in order to give depth to the drama.

Understanding the nature of relationships, and how emotion, weaknesses, desires, and aspirations impact on behaviour are key hallmarks of his narratives set against the events and background of the day.

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